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Former BU Toys products now officially distributed under the name of Icarus Toys   [2017-01-12]

Office renovation sales from 2016-09-01   [2017-01-01]
Below items in-stocks @clearance prices: - Bandai Saint Seiya Myth Cloth - Banpresto Dragon Ball / One Piece - Fewture ES & EX Gokin - MegaHouse - vmf50 doll set & girl*holic
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H2O Footprints In The Sand Hayami Kohinta 1/8 Scale


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Office renovation sales from 2016-09-01


Includes below Saint Seiya Myth Cloth items and many others!!

HSS-64588J Tamashii Nation 2010 Saint Cloth Myth Appendix Aries Mu ~Original Color Edition~ 

HSS-70160 Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Harpy Valentine HK ver. 
HSS-83156 Saint Seiya Omega Pegasus Kouga 
HSS-45551 Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Gold Saint Reissue Campaign Limited Grand Pope Sion 

HSS-48485 Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Dragon Shiryu God Cloth 
HSS-62071 Saint Cloth Myth Cygnus Hyoga God Cloth 
HSS-64593 Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Phoenix Ikki God Cloth 
HSS-55501 Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Poseidon (metal plate not included)
HSS-58092 Saint Cloth Myth Lizard Misty 
HSS-70166 Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Mermaid Thetis 

HSS-69453 Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Silver Cloth Ophiuchus Shaina & Cassios HK ver. 
HSS-632067 Saint Seiya Sagittarius Fake Cloth Galaxy Wars HK Ver. 

HSS-70157 Saint Cloth Myth Phoenix Ikki God Cloth Original Color Edition- HK ver 
HSS-70169 Saint Seiya Myth Cloth EX Sea Dragon Kanon 
HSS-82866 Saint Seyia Myth Cloth EX Gemini Saga Surplice
HSS-84382 Saint Seiya Myth Cloth EX Aries Sion -Holy War Ver.-
HSS-84629 Saint Seiya Myth Cloth EX Wyvern Rhadamanthys 

HSS-68711 Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Crown Gold Saint Sagittarius Seiya 
HSS-68711J Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Crown Gold Saint Sagittarius Seiya Japan ver.

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