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Our office will be closed from November 19 - 21 for company trip   [2016-11-15]
We will resume shipping on November 22. Thank you for your patience.
BU TOYS' New Products Release Dates Updated   [2016-10-21]
2016-November: UG-01 Getter Arc Original Color Ver. UG-01B Getter Arc Black Color Limited Edition UG-02 Shin Getter Dragon Original Color Ver. UG-02B Shin Getter Dragon Black Color Limited Edition 2016-December: AIM Neo-Human Casshern & Friender Infinity Gokin Voltron Golion King of Beast Infinity Gokin Voltron Dark Lion Force 2017-end January: Action in Metal AIM Jeeg Cyborg Action in Metal AIM Jeeg Cyborg II Action in Metal AIM Jeeg Cyborg 2007 Kotetsushin Version AIM Tekkaman Classic DG-01 DG Gokin Mazinger Z DG-02 DG Gokin Great Mazinger DG-03 DG Gokin Boss Borot DG-04 DG Gokin Aphrodite A 2017-Q1: Space Ironmen Kyodyne Skyzel & Grounzel Set Please also check BU TOYS' important announcement on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/locushk/posts/
Office renovation sales from 2016-09-01   [2016-09-01]
Below items in-stocks @clearance prices: - Bandai Saint Seiya Myth Cloth - Banpresto Dragon Ball / One Piece - Fewture ES & EX Gokin - MegaHouse - vmf50 doll set & girl*holic
10th Anniversary promotion - Hot Toys items in-stock now on sale!   [2016-06-04]

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Hot Toys Star Wars: The Force Awakens 1/6 Scale First Order Stormtrooper


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1)Asia Goal Limited
We offer wholesale prices for collectible products distributed by Asia Goal Limited.  Brands include Arcadia, Marvel Select, NECA, Kotobuikya and many more.


2)Action Toys
Action Toys manufacures and distributes Japan Fewture Models / Art Storm high-end collectible products


3)Hot Toys
Hot Toys Limited designs, develops and produces high quality & detailed 1/6th scale collectible figures from popular movies, video games, comics and world renowned celebrities.


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