King Arts Diecast Action Figure Series Gaiking

  • Brand: King Arts
  • Reference: DFS071

Release Date: 2020-June 4

Weight approx. 2.76kg

Size 49 x 36 x 17 cm

Sold out


*Around 25CM height , ultra high movable design can exhibit for various poses!

* The feel of alloy material also makes the animation feel present!

*A total of 3 airplanes, a variety of splicing, flying in the sky flexible operations!

*Accurate and meticulous coloring, pleasing to the eye!


*Body x 1pcs

* Body mechanical internal structure x 1pcs

* Body battle damage armor x 1pcs

* Exchange hand type x 4pairs

* Interchangeable inner hand x 2pairs

* Luminous head replacement x 1pcs

* Internal head replacement x 1pcs

* Weapons x 5pcs (including body and battle damage)

* Jet wing x 1pcs (for aircraft splicing)

* No internal leg x 1pcs (for aircraft splicing)