Pose+ Metal Series The King of Braves Gaogaigar

  • Reference: 765410

Release Date: 2021-July
Japan Retail Price: 58,000 Yen

Pre-order deadline is February 22, 2021

A HKD500 non-refundable deposit is required. Order can NOT be cancelled once confirmed.


Material: Diecast PVC ABS POM PET
Height approx. 26cm

-Stealth Gao
-Liner Gao
-Drill Gao
-Will knife
-Stealth Gao cover part
-GaiGar face part
-Protect shield
-Dividing driver
-Victory sticker
-hand part with the 5 finger articulated (right/left)
-Hand parts for Hell-and-heven
-Open hand (right/left)
-Gripping hand (right/left)
-Holding hand (right/left)
-Left hand part for the protect shield
-Supporting pole
-Each joint part for the combined form
-Each type of joint part