Bandai Metal Build Evangelion Proto Type-00/00 Kai with Weapon Set

  • Brand: Bandai
  • Reference: HGT-59175-63005

Release Date: 2022-May
Japan Retail Price: 29,500 Yen

Pre-order closed

Material: PVC ABS Diecast
Height approx. 220mm

Evangelion content:
-Main part
-Alternative hand part (left/right) x4 types each
-Palette rifle
-Magazine for Palette rifle
-Thigh pylon
-Progressive knife
-Sheath for progressive knife
-Carrying Batteries x 2
-Portable battery holder
-Battery joint set
-Recoilless right and left
-Left and right shoulder parts for Unit 0
-Battle Visor
-Joint Set
-Set of umbilical cables
-Base set
-Supporting pole
-Replacement shoulder parts for the Unit-01 (left and right)
-Replacement Shoulder Parts for Unit 02 (left and Right)

Weapon set content:
-Magoroku Exterminater sword
-Sheath for Magoroku Exterminate sword
-Counter sword
-Sheath for counter sword
-Palette rifle
-Palette rifle Option set